Red Line Graphics started as a small, local family-owned and operated printing company. The business was founded in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1989 by Mike and Janet Wadsworth. At the time, they owned several retail shoe stores in the Indianapolis area while Mike was climbing the corporate ladder in the dairy and grocery business.  The Wadsworth's expanded their business interests to the printing industry as a result of the large need for printed materials used for their shoe stores.

Shortly after they started their new endeavor, Mike had a near fatal auto accident requiring 13 months of rehabilitation. That close encounter made him reevaluate his life and assess his priorities.  The shoe stores were sold, Mike quit his job and the renamed their print shop Red Line Graphics; after being "red lined" twice before being airlifted via lifeline from one hospital to another.

In early 2012, the Wadsworth family decided to sell the company - which now included Logo’d Apparel, Promotional Products and Signage - to Klinker Industries, Inc. so they could spend more time together as a family. Klinker Industries immediately expanded the sign business with the addition of Serigraphics and put the company on the track where Mike and Janet envisioned it – being a major player in the print and design industry. With the help of the company’s already excellent team of designers and product line leads, Red Line Graphics is helping local businesses do what no one else can: define their image in every way possible.